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New video every Saturday. In this channel we build projects with Arduino, Raspberry Pi,

we build robots and simple electronic circuits. Feel free to join our community!

Arduino Platform

The best platform to start with. Easy, low cost and with a huge community behind it.

A platform for makers

In this website you will find all the necessary infrormation to start with Arduino. You can start by watching some of our Arduino Video tutorials.

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Raspberry Pi

A platform for more advanced projects or projects that require huge processing power.

A powerful board

This is the place to find just about anything you need to know about using your theme.

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DIY Robots

By building a robot you can learn a lot, from electronics to programming. It is easy and fun!

You can make it!

Watch our detailed tutorials and make your own robot easily!

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Electronics Circuits

Learn how to build easy electronic circuits with our easy to follow video tutorials!

You can build IT!

Build easy electronic circuits and gain the basic understanding of electronics.