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YuRobot Easy Module shield

Hello guys, I wanted to share with you a new Arduino shield that just arrived to my office. It is the YuRobot Easy Module shield v1. It is a great new shield that I discovered on Banggood.com a few days ago. Check it out.

YuRobot Easy Module shield

The YuRobot Easy Module shield

What does the YuRobot Easy Module shield offer?

This new shield drew my attention because it offers many interesting sensors components in one easy to use shield. Let’s see what is offers:

  • A DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor
  • An LM35 temperature sensor
  • A piezo buzzer
  • An RGB LED
  • A blue LED and a red LED
  • An IR receiver
  • A photoresistor
  • A rotary potentiometer
  • Two pushbuttons

The cost of the shield is $8.99 which in my opinion is great! You can get it here.

Even though I am not a big fan of shields, I really like this shield because in my opinion it is the best Arduino shield for beginners. If you combine this shield with an Arduino Uno board you can easily build more than 10 projects with it. Since a beginner to Arduino needs to learn a lot of stuff at the beginning, this shield will make things a lot easier since it won’t need any soldering or to connect any wires at all.

I am going to prepare a video review of this shield. I am going to combine this shield with an inexpensive display, and with 20$ one can start building impresive Arduino projects in 5 minutes. If you are new to Arduino this the first shield to buy.

You can easily build a simple weather station project with this shield ( I love weather stations ). Also you learn PWM using the RBG led. Furthermore you can learn about analog values and Analog to Digital convertion using either the LM35 or the photoresistor. You learn how to decode IR singnal using the IR receiver. Another option is to learn how use sound using the embedded piezo buzzer and much more.

Great stuff. This is the power of the Arduino Platform. It enables people to do things easily, learn and build stuff easily. I hope that many more companies build shields like this.



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