Wemos D1 Battery Shield First look

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Wemos D1 Battery Shield First look

A few days ago, I received this very promising board. The Wemos D1 Battery Shield. You can get it here. It looks very promising because it will help as add a battery to our projects easily. It will convert the battery voltage to 5V, or 3.3V and it will charge the battery again via a mini USB port.

Wemos D1 Battery Shield

The Wemos D1 Battery Shield

As you can see the shield has two jacks. One for a battery, and one USB plug to charge the battery when the battery level is low. When I ordered the shield I thought that this shield is capable of charging a lipo battery. I was expecting the battery jack to be a standard LiPo jack to be used with LiPo batteries. Unfortunately none of my LiPo batteries is suitable with the board’s jack.

While I was searching for more information about this board I discovered this blog post. It is a review of the Wemos D1 Battery shield. The author of this blog post describes his experience with the board. After reading the post I was a bit dissapointed. Unfortunately, the board is not suitable for charging and using LiPo batteries, but it will charge and discharge correctly Li-Ion batteries!

The reason for that is the chip the board uses. It uses the TP5410 which is a single-cell lithium-ion battery charger. So, it think this board is suitable for 18650 LiIon batteries. I will try to use this board using a LiIon battery soon and I will post my finding in another blog post. I have ordered some LiIon battery holders to use along with this board. I would like to build a battery powered Wemos D1 Mini project with shield. It makes battery powered projects easier to build.

Have you tried this board in any of your projects?  I would love to read your experience with this board below.


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