I post a new DIY electronics video every Saturday!

In this page you are going to find the latest projects I am working on. I post a new video every Saturday and an article in this website where you can find the code of the project and all the available information.

Arduino Pong Game

In this video we are going to build an Arduino Game, the clasic Pong game!  The Arduino Pong Game is a very easy Arduino Project to build, it won't take [...]

December 24th, 2016|0 Comments

Art Deco Weather Forecast Display

Dear friends welcome back! In this video we are going to build this Art Deco Weather Forecast Display. It is a very useful and very easy project to build so [...]

December 17th, 2016|3 Comments

Arduino Bitmap Graphics Tutorial

In this Arduino Bitmap Graphics Tutorial we are going to learn how load bitmap graphics in our Arduino Touch Screen projects using Adafruit's GFX library. We are going to use some [...]

December 10th, 2016|0 Comments

Arduino RGB LED Tutorial

In this video Arduino RGB LED Tutorial we are going to see how an RGB LED with an Arduino Uno. Let's get started! Arduino RGB LED Tutorial - [...]

December 3rd, 2016|0 Comments

Raspberry Pi Online Weather Log

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to send data to remote webserver and store them into a MySQL database. Then we are going to display all the [...]

November 19th, 2016|0 Comments