Arduino Nokia 5110 Menu

In this easy Arduino Tutorial we are going to learn how to create a Menu on a Nokia 5110 LCD display. We are using an Arduino Uno today but you can use any Arduino you like. Let's get started with the Arduino Nokia 5110 Menu tutorial! Arduino Nokia 5110 Menu - The Parts [...]

Arduino Touch Screen Tutorial

In this tutorial we are going to see how to use this inexpensive 2.8” Arduino Touch Screen with the ILI9325 driver with the Arduino Uno and the Arduino Mega. Is this Arduino Touch Screen a good option for your Arduino projects? Keep watching in order to find out! Arduino Touch Screen: 2.8" Display [...]

Arduino 3.5″ Color TFT display ILI9481 on Arduino Uno and Mega tutorial

In this video we learn how to drive the new, low cost big, Arduino 3.5" Color TFT display and we learn how to use it with the Arduino Uno and Mega. A few weeks ago, I discovered this Arduino 3.5" Color TFT display on Banggood.com and thought that it might be useful in [...]

Arduino Tutorial: Using the 1.44″ Color TFT display (ILI9163C) with Arduino

The 1.44" Color TFT display (ILI9163C) is ideal for Arduino. It is fast, low cost and easy to use. In this video we are going to see how to use it with an Arduino Uno, but it will work on any Arduino board. It is the smaller brother of the 1.8" Color TFT [...]