Arduino Tutorial: How to use the Hall Effect Sensor

Arduino Tutorial: How to use the Hall Effect Sensor The Hall Effect sensor is a very useful sensor to use in many projects. It is very easy to use as you can see in this easy Arduino Tutorial. Today’s project is this: When I place a magnet close to the sensor, an LED [...]

Arduino Tutorial: Using the 1.44″ Color TFT display (ILI9163C) with Arduino

The 1.44" Color TFT display (ILI9163C) is ideal for Arduino. It is fast, low cost and easy to use. In this video we are going to see how to use it with an Arduino Uno, but it will work on any Arduino board. It is the smaller brother of the 1.8" Color TFT [...]

Arduino Project: MP3 player using Arduino and DFPlayer mini MP3 player module

Arduino MP3 Player project Building an MP3 player with Arduino is extremely easy. We use the DFPlayer mini in order to build a simple MP3 player. The MP3 player has 3 buttons, in order to Play/Pause, to load the next song and one in order to load the previous song. In this video [...]

Arduino Project: Flappy Bird game Clone with a 1.8″ color TFT display (ST7735)

Arduino Flappy Bird game clone Playing the Flappy Bird game on Arduino is extremely easy. With a cheap Arduino Uno and a very cheap 1.8" color TFT display (ST7735) you can enjoy the classic game, the best part? It is going to be a DIY project. Actually you can build your own gaming [...]

Arduino Button Tutorial

In this video we are going to see the easiest way to connect a button to any Arduino Board. We are taking advantage of the internal pull up resistor of the digital pins of the Arduino board, and the connection is extremelly easy. In previous videos we were using a resistor when we [...]

Arduino Real Time Clock

Building an an Arduino real time clock with a 1.8" color TFT display (ST7735) is very easy. The project displays the current date and time along with the temperature. It also displays then minimum and maximum temperature. All you need to do is to follow the steps we show in this video. The [...]

Arduino Tutorial: Ultrasonic Sensor HC SR04 distance meter with a Nokia 5110 LCD display

Arduino Tutorial: Ultrasonic Sensor HC SR04 distance meter with a Nokia 5110 LCD display In this video we learn how to use the popular HC SR04 ultrasonic module in order to measure distance. So we build an easy and low cost distance meter. He use the HC SR04 sensor along with a Nokia [...]

Arduino UV meter Project

In this Instructable I am going to show you how to build a very useful Arduino UV meter with a big Nokia 5110 LCD display using Arduino. Protect your skin from the dangers of the sun's radiation with this project! What is the Ultraviolet (UV) Index? The ultraviolet index or UV Index is [...]

Arduino 8×8 LED Matrix Tutorial

In this video we play with popular Arduino 8x8 LED Matrix with an Arduino Uno. The procedure is very easy and it is an easy project which is ideal for beginners. Arduino 8x8 LED Matrix Tutorial   -------------------- WHERE TO BUY -------------------- 1. Arduino Uno: 2. 8x8 LED Matrix: 3. Wires: [...]

Arduino GSM SHIELD (SIM900) SMS tutorial

In this video we are going to see, how easy it is to send and receive SMS messages using the Arduino GSM shield (with SIM900 chip) from Tinysine. The shield is capable of sending and receiving SMS messages as well as making and receiving phone calls. It can also connect to the Internet using the [...]