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New office!

Hello friends,

This is the first blog post I am writing from my new office. For the last 3-4 months I was searching for an office to house my small “laboratory”. Since I bought my 3D printer I was out of space. Also, it is quite difficult to work when the 3D printer is printing because it produces a lot of noise. In addition to that you always get distracted to see how the print is going. This is not productive at all.

Searching for a new space was very time consuming and tiring. For months I couldn’t find a space that will fulfil my needs. Some of the offices were too old, others were too big, others were too dark, or too expensive.

Finally, after a lot of search I discovered an office space that I think it will satisfy my space needs for the following years. Well, I hope so, because I my space needs always increase; they never decrease.

It has two big rooms. The first one, the bigger one, will serve as the main office room, where I will do the coding and the study. It will be quiet since the 3D printer won’t be in this room. I am going to place a big desk and a big bookcase with all my books. I really need a big bookcase since I read a lot and my books are one of the most important things for my business.

The bigger room for programming and study

The bigger room for programming and study

The small room will be the “laboratory”. This is where I will create all the projects and the videos. Although it is smaller than the other room, it will house a lot of stuff. Of course the 3D printer will live here. I plan to buy small CNC and 3D scanner as well. Every tool I need will be here: From soldering station, to oscilloscopes and wires.

The laboratory: Only a 3D printer lives here

The laboratory: Only a 3D printer lives here so far

Also in this smaller room, I will shoot all the videos. So, the tripod the camera and the lenses will be here as well. The editing will happen in the main computer at the big room.

Of course both rooms are now almost empty. I have moved some old furniture from home in order to work until I buy new desks. I also moved all my electronics stuff, wires, boards, tools, filament rolls, computers, chairs and so on. It took me a lot of time, but finally all is here and I can now work on my projects like I did. So, expect some very cool projects now that I am finally at my new office space.

See you soon guys!


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