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In this page you can find the latest project ideas that I plan to work on. I have many ideas in mind and I would like to ask you to vote the idea that you would like to work on first. Thanks!

252 votes

Interact Arduino with Android.

Make a video on an easy and reliable way to interact an arduino with android ! So we can use the screen and the android processing power to analyze data.

209 votes

Arduino Weather Station #6

In this video we are going to add a button to the project in order to have different display modes. I will also add a real time clock and of course we are going to use Interrupts as well. Sounds interesting?

169 votes

Arduino DIY FM Radio

Are you interested in video where we build an FM player using Arduino and the Nokia 5110 LCD display?

128 votes

DIY Bicycle computer

I am planing to build a bicycle computer which will display velocity, trip distance and total distance traveled. I am going to use a Nokia 5110 display because it is very visible under direct sunlight, a hall effect sensor and an Arduino Nano or a Mini.

114 votes

Arduino Internet Data logger

I thinking to develop a simle (at first) datalogger using the WeMos D1 ESP8266 board ( The project will post the data in remote Server via WiFi, will save them in a MySQL database and display them using PHP. What do you think?

77 votes

GPS module speedometer

On 1.8 tft display, with clock and voltmeter to car

54 votes

Raspberry Pi email tutorial

Are you interested in small tutorial on how to automatically send emails with a Raspberry Pi?

39 votes

TCS3200 Color sensor tutorial

I recently got this color sensor: . I would love to try it and make a tutorial about it. Are you interested?

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