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Wemos D1 mini Review

Wemos D1 mini review In this video we are going to take a first look at the Wemos D1 mini board. The new impressive ESP8266 based board. It is very small in size, very inexpensive but very powerful! If you have watched some of my previous videos you will remember that I recently [...]

Arduino Wireless Weather Station

Arduino Wireless Weather Station Project In this video we build an Arduino Wireless Weather Station using the fast and powerful 32bit Arduino Due board. We measure the temperature and the humidity with a couple of DHT22 sensors and we communicate with the remote sensor using the 2.4GHz NRF24L01+ module. Let's see how to build this [...]

Arduino Micro Piano

Arduino Micro Piano In this video we are going to learn how to make sound with Arduino. We are going to build a simple Arduino Micro Piano in order to demonstrate the capabilities of the tone function. Let's start! Playing back sound is great for adding audio feedback to our projects. So far [...]

ESP8266 Weather Display

ESP8266 Weather Display In this video we are going to build an ESP8266 Weather display with the impressive Wemos D1 board. The board uses the ESP8266 chip in order to connect to the internet and we are going to program it using the Arduino IDE. The project gets weather data from the website and [...]

Arduino Voltmeter Project

Arduino Voltmeter DIY project In this video we are going to learn how to build our own Arduino voltmeter using a very inexpensive sensor. The voltage we measure is then displayed in a Nokia 5110 LCD display. This project is very easy to build and great learning experience. With this project we can measure [...]

Arduino DIY Photo Frame

Arduino DIY Photo Frame In this video we are going to learn how to use the SD card slot of the popular 1.8" Color TFT display which uses the ST7735 driver. Then we will save some bitmap images in the SD card and we will display them on the display. In other words, we will [...]

Fingerprint Sensor with Arduino

How to use a fingerprint sensor with Arduino If you want to add biometric security features to your Arduino projects, an easy way to do so, is to add a fingerprint sensor module to it. In this video we demonstrate how easy to use a fingerprint sensor with an Arduino Nano and a small display. [...]

Arduino 3.5″ Color TFT display ILI9481 on Arduino Uno and Mega tutorial

In this video we learn how to drive the new, low cost big, Arduino 3.5" Color TFT display and we learn how to use it with the Arduino Uno and Mega. A few weeks ago, I discovered this Arduino 3.5" Color TFT display on and thought that it might be useful in [...]

WeMOS D1 ESP8266 vs Arduino Uno, Arduino Due and Teensy 3.2. Which one is the fastest board?

In this video we are going to compare the computational speed of the WeMOS D1 ESP8266 based Arduino compatible board with the computational speed of the most popular Arduino boards and the Teensy 3.2. We can call this video ESP8266 vs Arduino! Let’s get started! A few weeks ago, in a similar video [...]

Arduino Tutorial: Serial Plotter – How to use it

A few months ago, with version 1.6.6, the Arduino IDE introduced a great new feature. It is called Serial Plotter and you can find it in your Arduino IDE under the tools menu. Using the Serial Plotter we can graph the output of our Arduino project in real time. The Serial Plotter is [...]