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Arduino Color Sensor Tutorial

In this video Arduino Color Sensor Tutorial we are going to see how use the TCS230 color sensor with Arduino. It is a very interesting sensor that will enable us to build some amazing projects. Without any further delay, let’s get started! Arduino Color Sensor Tutorial - The Parts Hey guys, I am [...]

Raspberry Pi Online Weather Log

In this tutorial we are going to learn how to send data to remote webserver and store them into a MySQL database. Then we are going to display all the data using a simple PHP script! In other words we are going to build a Raspberry Pi Online Weather Log! Amazing stuff! Raspberry [...]

Arduino Touch Screen Tutorial

In this tutorial we are going to see how to use this inexpensive 2.8” Arduino Touch Screen with the ILI9325 driver with the Arduino Uno and the Arduino Mega. Is this Arduino Touch Screen a good option for your Arduino projects? Keep watching in order to find out! Arduino Touch Screen: 2.8" Display [...]

CHIP Computer Project: CPU Monitor

In this CHIP Computer Project we are going to connect an OLED display to the CHIP 9$ computer in order to monitor its CPU temperature in real time. Let’s start! CHIP Computer Project: OLED CPU monitor   Today’s project is this: I have connected an I2C OLED display to the CHIP single board computer [...]

Raspberry Pi Sense Hat Tutorial

In this Raspberry Pi Sense Hat Tutorial  we are going to take a first look at the impressive Sense Hat add-on board for the Raspberry Pi. With this add-on board we can easily sense temperature, humidity and pressure. It also has an embedded gyroscope, and accelerometer a joystick and much more…Without any further delay let’s get [...]

Arduino RFID tutorial

Are you interested in an Arduino RFID tutorial? In this video we take a look at the RFID RC522 reader and writer, and we learn how to use it with Arduino. We also use an OLED display to read the UID of the RFID tags. Let's start! Arduino RFID tutorial Today we are [...]

Arduino Irobot modification

In this video we are going to perform an Arduino Irobot modification, we are going to upgrade an Irobot Roomba 650 vacuum cleaning robor in order to be able to send Email Notifications! The cost of this modifications is less than $10 and it won't take us more than 10 minutes. Let's get started! [...]

Wanhao review – Testing the i3 3D printer

The long awaited Wanhao review is ready. It took me some time to write because I needed time to understand how this machine works and becuase I was facing some problems with it. Now, 4 months after the first print, I am ready to share my opinion with you. Enjoy this Wanhao review. I was interested [...]

Arduino GPS Altimeter Project

In this video we are going to build a DIY Arduino GPS Altimeter using the UBLOX NEO-6M GPS module along with a color OLED display with the SSD1331 driver. It is a fun project, so let's get starthed! About a year ago, I built some GPS projects using this GPS shield. This shield [...]

Arduino Color OLED display Tutorial

Dear friends welcome back! In this video we are going to learn how to use this Arduino color OLED display with the SSD1331 driver. It's very easy, so let's get started! A few weeks ago, I discovered this promising new display on and I thought that it might be useful in some [...]