Dear friends welcome back! In this video we are going to build this Art Deco Weather Forecast Display. It is a very useful and very easy project to build so without any further delay let’s get started!

Art Deco Weather Forecast Display – The Parts

Hey guys, I am Nick and welcome to a channel that is all about DIY electronics projects. If you don’t want to miss any videos subscribe to the channel by clicking on this button! In this video we are going to see hot to build this Weather Forecast Display. It uses a Wemos D1 mini board along with a 1.8” Color TFT screen to display the weather forecast. I also designed and 3d printed an enclosure for this project using wood filament! I got the inspiration for this Art Deco style enclosure from an old radio.  The project connects to the internet and downloads the weather forecast for my location and displays it on the screen. The project only displays the weather icon, the temperature and the time of the prediction because I wanted a minimal look for this project. Of course you can easily add more information if you wish. Now let’s see how to build this project.



Wemos D1 Mini:

Color TFT:

Small Breadboard:

3 in 1 wires:

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The cost of the Art Deco Weather forecast display is very low it is around $12! You can find links for all the parts in the description below.

We also need an enclosure for this project. If you like the Art Deco enclosure I designed for this project you download it from Thingiverse.




Art Deco Weather Forecast Display – The Code



📥 Adafruit GFX:

📥 Adafruit ST7735:

📥Arduino JSON:

Let’s see the code now. At first we have to set the SSID and the password of our WiFi network. Next we have to enter the free APIKEY from website. In order to create your own API key you have to sign up in the website. Getting current weather data and forecast is free but the website offers more options if you are willing to pay some money. Next we have to find the id of our location. Find your location and copy the ID which can be found in the URL of your location. Then enter your city’s id in the CityID variable. The last step is to enter your time zone in order the project to display the correct time. Now we are ready to move on.

At first we connect to the WiFi Network. Then we request weather data from the server. I only request one result, the weather forecast for the next 3 hours. You can easily modify the code to get more forecast result if you wish. We get a reply with the weather data in JSON format. Before sending the data to the JSON library I manually delete some characters that were causing me problems.

Then the JSON library takes over and we can easily save the data that we need in variables. We have to take a look at the structure of the JSON data that the openweathermap website replies to see how to get the data we are interested in. After we have saved the data in variables, all we have to do, is to display them in the screen and wait for 30 minutes before requesting new data from the server. We display the time of the weather prediction, the temperature and the weather icon.

The weather icons consist of some bitmap graphics and some simple shapes. You can watch a detailed tutorial I have prepared on how to load custom bitmap graphics on Arduino by clicking on the card here. I have also prepared a version of the code which displays the temperature in degrees Fahrenheit. As always you can find the code of the project in a link in the description of the video.










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