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Arduino Button Tutorial

In this video we are going to see the easiest way to connect a button to any Arduino Board. We are taking advantage of the internal pull up resistor of the digital pins of the Arduino board, and the connection is extremelly easy. In previous videos we were using a resistor when we wanted to use a button to our Arduino projects. But, this resistor is not needed if we use the internal 50K resistor of the Arduino Uno board. That’s the topic of this tutorial. We are going to exploit this resistor by software.

All you need is some basic parts. You can buy these parts from the links below or any other online store.

Where to buy Arduino Parts

1. Cheap Arduino Uno:

2. A pushbutton:

3. LED:

4. Small Breadboard:

5. Wires:

You can download the code of the project here:

Download the Code


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